Hunter Advertising Ltd Pension Scheme

I worked for Hunter Advertising Ltd, Dublin from January 1975 until 31 January 1982, during which time contributions were made to a pension scheme on my behalf.  After I left the employment of Hunter Advertising Ltd in 1982 I agreed with Irish Pensions Trust Ltd (IPT - the scheme trustees and administrators) that the assets accumulated in the pension scheme in my name should be held to provide a deferred pension for me when I reached age 65. I reached age 65 in  2013 and contacted IPT for the pension. IPT denied all knowledge of the scheme and advised me to contact Mercer, who, they said had taken over the scheme.

Below are copies of the correspondence with IPT, Mercer, Friends First, The Pensions Ombudsman, etc between 2013 and 2016, when the matter was finally resolved. The correspondence is summarised in the Summary Log

I hope that the information contained below will be of benefit to the other members of The Hunter Advertising Ltd Pension Scheme whose benefits may have been similarly "lost".