Beaver Island Cross

A Cross and plaque in St Crone's Church, Arranmore Island: “The Beaver Island Cross” “This Cross was presented by the people of Beaver Island to St. Crone’s Church, Arranmore Island, during the weekend of festivities and ceremonies in March 2003 which twinned these two Islands and their people who share a common heritage. The cross is hand carved from a single piece of cedar wood, which also came from Beaver Island. The cross was presented along with a set of vestments and a painting of the church on Beaver Island. St. Crone’s Church in turn presented the church on Beaver Island with a hand carved replica of an Irish harp and a photograph of the stained glass window of St. Crone in St. Crone’s Church. The exchange of gifts signify not only the friendship but the unity that now exists between these two island communities.”