Lives and Legends of St. Brendan - O Donoghue

The Lives and Legends of Saint Brendan By Denis O'Donoghue.

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Betha Brenain, Maic Fhinnlogha [the Irish text - not available, just now!}

The Irish Life of St Brendan - Text [O'Donoghue translation]

Notes on the Irish life



Chapter 1 Brendan is stimulated by the example of St Barinthus to seek the Promised Land

Chapter 2 St. Brendan and his companions set sail.

Chapter 3 Their First Discovery of Land

Chapter 4 They visit Sheep Island and celebrate the Easter Festival

Chapter 5 The Paradise of Birds

Chapter 6 The Isle of St Ailbe

Chapter 7 They visit other islands

Chapter 8 They are miraculously saved from destruction

Chapter 9 The three choirs of saints

Chapter 10 Some wonders of the ocean

Chapter 11 A volcanic island

Chapter 12 Judas Iscariot

Chapter 13 The Rocky Island of the Holy Hermit

Chapter 14 The Paradise of Delights



Chapter 11-12 - St Brendan after his return from his voyage, founds many monasteries, in which 3000 religious serve God under his rule.

Chapter 13 -St Brendan miraculously frees the town of Bri-uys, in Kerry, from a pest of insects.

Chapter 14 - One of St Brendan's monks through obedience exposes himself to death.

Chapter 15 - St Brendan goes on a pilgrimage to Britain. He visits St. Gildas.

Chapter 16 - St Brendan performs a great miracle at the request of St. Gildas.

Chapter 17 - St Brendan commends the patronage of St. Brigid.

Chapter 18 - St Brendan erects a cell in Inis-meic-Ichuind. The King of Connaught makes a gift of the island to him.

Chapter 19 - St Brendan restores to life one of the religious of Inis-da-dromand.

Chapter 20 - St Brendan restores to liberty a man sorely distressed in captivity.

Chapter 21 - St Brendan founds his great monastery at Clonfert. One of his religious is restored to life.

Chapter 22 - St Ita on Christmas night receives the holy communion from St. Brendan.

Chapter 23 - A miracle of the holy virgin St. Chiar.

Chapter 24 - St. Brendan visits the saints of Meath.

Chapter 25 - St. Brendan explains to his brethern how intolerable are the pains of hell.

Chapter 26 - St. Brendan exhorts his brethern to confide in the providence of God.

Chapter 27 - St. Brendan saves the Province of Connaught from an invasion.

Chapter 28 - St. Brendan visits his sister St. Briga, and makes arrangements for his interment in Clonfert.

Chapter 29 - Death of St. Brendan in his 94th year.

Legends of Brendan

The legend of St Brendan, the young harper and the angel.

The legend of the students who went on pilgrimage.

The Holy Well of Brendan's anointing.

The Island of St Brendan

Hy-Brazil, the Isle of the Blest.