Burtonport to Colonsay


27th May 2011

Burtonport to Colonsay

I was awake in plenty time to hear Padraig’s alarm at 4.45am.

Quick breakfast then all action. As seems to be the habit, we were underway a little before  target of 5.30.am

Out of Burtonport harbour, we sailed inside the Stags Rocks, which are named on the local map of Arranmore as Na Trí Mic O gCorra (photo) - subject of another great Immram Imram Curaig Meic Carra we sailed/motored northward past Owey, Cruit, Gola, Inisbofin, Bloody Foreland and inside Tory. The sea is being described as ‘bumpy’. With a gale warning for this afternoon which was not in yesterdays forecast. It is quite cold.

28th May 2011.

A watch rota was established Pádraig & Donncha and Ruaidhri & Danny, with me helping both!

Lucy Hayes’ cheese is all gone.

Under sail most of the way to Colonsay and arrived there about 9.00pm.

It was 11.30 when the meal was eaten and washing up done and everyone very tired. The plan was that we would be leaving at 8.30am, still trying to accommodate forecast storms on Sunday. This is the first place on the list that we have actually reached so I said I’d go ashore and look around – too late, of course to get a drink, even if there was a pub, with  Ruaidhri & Danny

After walking around a bit we came to a hotel and met a girl coming out the door with a fiddle case under her arm. We went in and managed to wheedle one pint – lager from the local Colonsay micro brewery.

While in the pub we learned that Ian Fisher, who we were meant to meet here a week ago, was in fact still waiting for us in a B&B on the far side of the island. His landlady was in the pub and agreed to bring him the pier at 9.00 am. tomorrow.


28th May 2011.