Trip to Nolsoy

Iomramh 2011.

11th June 2011.

Thorshavn to Nolsoy.

Video 1 - On board the Nordlysid

Video 2 - On board the Nordlysid

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Video 4 - On board the Nordlysid

Video 5 - On board the Nordlysid


Photos - Thorshavn

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Photos - The Trip to Nolsoy

Photos - The Trip to Nolsoy (Nielsen children)

The place where we were moored at Thorshavn Quay was marked as being reserved and this was to facilitate the traditional sailing ketch Nordlysid, which brings tourists to the neighbouring island of Nolsoy on Saturdays, in season. In return for us making room for them at the quay we were all invited to come on the trip  on the ketch. The event was well organised in conjunction with local musicians.


There was music on the quay side as we set out, and music on board from a pianist and from Breanndan Begley.

Before we entered the harbour at Nolsoy some people went ashore in a dinghy. It turned out that these were the musicians , who went ahead of us and were all set up when we came into the harbour to serenade us ashore. The village was as charming as any of the others in the Faroes with the addition of an arch made of whale jaw-bones at the head of the pier.

After a tour of the village we returned to Thorshavn with more music on the boat and on the quay to welcome us back.

On return we set sail immediately for Leirvik  Eysturoy